Food Safety and certifications
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Food Safety and certifications

Gracomsa Alimentaria has been engaged in the production of margarines, oils and special fats for food purposes for more than 25 years.

We produce on demand in order to limit our products’ storage time. This way, our products reach our industrial customers, artisans or consumers with maximum freshness and durability.

Our production processes comply with the standards required by five different food quality and safety certifications. Moreover, two of them certify environmentally sustainable management.


La RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) is an international organization created to promote palm oil as a raw material coming from sustainable farms in which, in addition, labour rights are respected. The norm to obtain RSPO Suply Chain certification has been conceived and developed to guarantee supply chain traceability and safety and provide reliable evidence of the use of environmentally friendly resources which do not over-exploit nature and biodiversity.


This is a standard of certification developed by British Retail Consortium, an organization which includes 90% of food distributors in the U.K. Despite its national origin and private sphere, it is defined as a (Global Standard for Food Safety) and contains the APPCC System (Dangers and Critical Control Points Analysis) of the Codex Alimentarius.

This Codex requires us to establish a documented quality management system which controls our facilities, processes, personnel and products’ environmental compliance.

ISO 22000

This is the ISO (International Standard Organisation) norm for the global management system which guaranties food safety. It regulates all stages of production, from its origin as raw material to its packaging and distribution to the consumer, including its transformation. It defines and establishes safety processes which include APPCC System (Dangers and Critical Control Points Analysis) of the Codex Alimentarius.

ISO 14001

This is the ISO (International Standard Organisation) norm which accredits the incorporation of an Environmental Management System for our productive process, meeting the Administration requirements and our customers and society in general’s wishes. This compels us to optimize resources and waste management, reduce negative environmental impact and minimize risks associated with accidents. 

This norm is designed to achieve a balance between sustained profitability and environmental impact reduction following environmental legislation.


The “Halal Food & Quality” guarantee is a registered trademark, patented, recognized and legally protected in 2012 to standardize, normalize and meet the requirements and procedures in which food and agriculture companies can certificate, under a single hallmark, the compliance of Halal food. It also certifies its safety and quality.