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About us

Gracomsa Alimentaria (SAU) is a Single-Shareholder Corporation that is part of Nuova Sesac, a Valencian business group developed by the Cases Monterde family who, for three generations, have been devoted to productive and industrial economy, generating over 150 direct jobs.

As a group, we are primarily and fundamentally dedicated to the food sector, but we have also developed auxiliary industries and complementary businesses engaged in port logistics and renewable energies.

Gracomsa Alimentaria was developed from our gathered experience and knowledge on the Vegetable Oils and Fats market and their treatment for food purposes.

One of our main raw materials is palm oil and, since 2014 we are RSPO (The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) members, an international and independent organization in charge of certifying that our supply comes from environmentally respectful farms where labour rights are observed

All our industries and facilites are found in locations near La Albufera (Valencia), a unique wetland in Europe. Enjoying this privilege means making a commitment to its sustainability. For this reason, we collaborate with Fundación Assut, an organization devoted to the defense of La Albufera nature and cultural heritage.


1982  Gracomsa (Grasas Comestibles SA) is established in Catarroja (Valencia) as a refinery of Tropical Vegetable Oils and Fats used for the production of margarines and shortening in the food industry.

1998-1999  We begin the production of margarine in specific formats with 5 kg. for the food industry and 1 kg. for Horeca channel professionals and artisans.

2002  Gracomsa changes its original name to Gracomsa Alimentaria.

2004  A new 2 kg. tub format is incorporated for Horeca channel.

2006  Our first high performance frying oil combining refined palm, sunflower and soyoils is launched, a mix which improves the crunchiness of fried food, limits the transfer of flavor and increases its thermal resistance and long service life.

2008  Our tropical margarines, which keep their solidity up to 45º C without refrigeration, are launched, boosting our exports in new markets in Africa and Central America.

2009  The whole third generation of the family joins the company management.

2009  Oilliva is launched, our spread made of 100% Spanish olive oil.

2009  Extra 10 Kg. format is incorporated to satisfy the growing demand of high-consumption industrial customers.

2011  Our industrial production processes incorporarte the norms ISO 22000 of food safety, ISO 14001 of environmental quality and IFS (International Food Standard).

2013  D’Artisans brand is created, a product line conceived to satisfy confectionery artisans’ specific needs.

2014  Gracomsa Alimentaria establishes a mandatory set of Quality, Food Safety and Environment internal codes of practice for all its staff and joins RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) an international organization committed to sustainable palm oil farms commercialization.

2014  BRC norm of food safety and quality is incorporated.

2015   We become the first collaborating company with Fundación Assut, an organization devoted to the defense of the nature and cultural heritage of La Albufera, Valencia.