Special Products
We adapt to your
production process
High plasticity
Easy to
work with
It can be used in
different applications
Due to its low oil absorption, we get crispy and dry fried
We guarantee a perfect mold release
of your products
We offer solutions to suit
your business
Quality, stability
and high performance
and efficient composition
Non Cholesterol
Olive oil, the treasure
of the
100% vegetable
No trans
High quality


Our industrial customers division commercializes margarines and standard fats adapted to manual or automated transformation processes. We also develop products to measure according to the specific requirements, conditions and purposes of the requested product.To that end, when it is requested, we collaborate with our industrial customers’ R&D departments.


From our experience in margarines, oils and special fats development and production we have developed under the D’Artisans brand a range of five high-technical specificity products, specially conceived and adapted to improve the uses and results of the most demanding pastry artisans.

The D’Artisans line includes four different types of margarines: Bouquet, Seléction, Obrador y Culinaire. The latter, moreover, includes three types of frying oils.


Line conceived for those artisans who do not want to renounce the excellent flavor of butter in a margarine. We prepare it with an additional mix of butter from 15% for croissant dough to 10% for puff pastry. Furthermore, butter provides greater convenience during production, as it is more adaptable.

Our enriched margarines with butter come in three formats: Bouquet Croissant, Bouquet Crema and Melange Bouquet.

Block 1Kg and Block 2Kg


A range of high-performance frying oils and margarines conceived to cover all restaurant and catering service professionals and pastry artisans’ needs.

Culinaire Aceite Gold y Coulinaire Aceite Basic: Great performance oils with a high smoke point and high thermal transfer. They are the ideal option to obtain golden, crunchy fried food with low oil absorption..

Culinaire Tex: High-performance textured oil for superficial and deep frying, with high viscosity, tran fat and hydrogenated fat free, low oil absorption, free from foam and bad smell, neutral taste and excellent thermal transfer..

Culinaire spread 3/4: Margarine Margarine especially formulated for spreading, pastry making and grilling with no spatters.

Culinaire Melange: Light margarine with an exquisite flavor and high performance for use in cooking and frying. It allows us to cook with or without heat, since it perfectly spreads and melts, even at low temperatures.

Carafe 10 L, Bucket 10L

Block 1Kg and Tub 2 Kg


Mould release agent elaborated with vegetable wax, oils, lecithins and antioxidants for bakery, pastry, cookies and candies, among other uses. .

It is commercialized in several container sizes and in aerosol, thereby satisfying the needs for every use. It is a high quality anhydrous product which guarantees a perfect removal of pieces from the moulds or continuous ovens, even at high sugar levels of elaboration.

Desmol 90: Mould release agent for low sugar level elaborations such as bread dough (sliced bread, burger rolls…) and small baked pieces.

Lube 25: Universal lubricant made of edible vegetable oils to grease hoppers, weigher machines, splitters and production lines. It allows us to keep and lengthen machines’ lives without leaving any traces of non-edible substances.

Carafe 10L, Carafe 5 L, spray 600ml, Carafe 10L


It is composed of products designed to facilitate the work of Horeca sector professionals, offering different preparations, solutions and container formats adapted to their business needs.


Line of products for the hotel and catering business which offers a wide range of high quality margarines and oils which, thanks to the careful selection of the best Vegetable oils and fats, satisfies the demands of professional catering services.


Line of products Azolia

Azolia Extra: A totally liquid frying oil, stable and appropriate for the elaboration of top quality dishes. Its stability and high-performance make it an extraordinary product for crunchy and golden fried food.

Azolia Excellent: A high-performance oil with a large percentage of high oleic. It is made up of a selection of 100% vegetable oils, rich in unsaturated fatty acids which make it a healthy and efficient product for deep frying.

Azolia Girasol: Oil that provides your fried food with the benefits of the sunflower. It is enriched with high oleic, obtaining a healthier product and a better stability and resistance to degradation.

Azolia Tex: Textured oil aimed at those professionals who look for a high performance and an excellent quality in their deep frying products, offering a final result characteristic of a high catering service. A great stability plus its efficiency provides a special result which is easy to distinguish.

Azolia Spread: Great spreadability which, moreover, permits its use in grilling and confectionery.

Azolia Culinaria: Optimized-performance cooking margarine with excellent results in fried food.


Range of products specially created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding catering sector professionals.


Line of products Azahar

Azahar Frituras: Totally liquid oil developed for frying thanks to its quality, stability and performance.

Azahar Top: High-performance oil with a great percentage in high oleic. A leader among liquid oils thanks to its healthy and efficient composition for deep frying.

Azahar Tex: Textured oil aimed at those professionals who look for a high performance and an excellent quality in their deep fried products, offering a final result characteristic of a high catering service.

Azahar Spread: Margarine spread with the exquisite and delicious taste of butter. Perfect for grilling and confectionery.

Azahar Culinaria: Excellent performance margarine for cooking and fried food. It is made up of a selection of 100% vegetable oils, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and with the highest nutritional qualities.


Line of products destined for the distribution to final consumers through shops and supermarket chains.


Margarine spread without cholesterol and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Its composition makes it a healthy product for daily consumption.

Tub 500g y 200g


Olive oil spread, for those who are looking for something different and exquisite; a new way of savoring olive oil, for both spreading and cooking.

It stands out for being healthy within the uses of the Mediterranean diet. It is 100% natural, having olive oil as its only ingredient.

Bucket 1,8Kg, Tub 200 g and 10g


Ghee – Smen is a 100% vegetable fat of excellent quality and pleasant scent, excellent for cooking couscous and traditional confectionery.

Bucket 1.8Kg

Azolia Tropical

Margarine for spreading and cooking which, due to its melting point, does not need to be refrigerated. It is 100% vegetable, cholesterol free and with the exquisite taste of fresh butter.

Bucket 10Kg, Bucket 4,5Kg, Tub 900g, Tub 450g y Tub 250g


A line of margarines for fine pastry with appropriate melting points for a greater diversity of applications, a more convenient usability during production and longer duration and freshness in the finished product.

Sélection margarines modalities, Hojaldre-Croissant and Cremas have extra plasticity and uniformity which allow high-quality product manufacturing in puff pastry, croissants, dough, pastries and creams.

Bucket 10L and Block 2 kg


A line of margarines which meet the most demanding professionals’ needs, obtaining an exquisite flavor provided by the scent of fresh butter.

Its modalities Obrador Hojaldre y Obrador Croissant and Obrador Cremas can be used in artisanal processes as well as mechanized in the production of dough, pastries and creams.

Block 5Kg and Block 2 Kg