Expert and Multi-Disciplinary Team

People are our main strategic asset, and all the professionals in the GA Alimentaria group form a global, committed and qualified team which, with their work and talents, contribute to creating sustainable value and participate in the success of our business project that gets bigger every day.  We are strongly committed to quality employment, training, professional development, respecting diversity and equal opportunities.

Sales Department

We have an expert sales team for each different sector in the food industry.  They forge a relationship with our customers, they represent us day after day and are our most valuable source of information.  Would you like any information about some of our products? Are you interested in how we can help you find the perfect formula to best suit your needs? Don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch with our sales team, we will be delighted to be able to assist you through our contact form or even by calling our head offices.


Switchboard Number: +34 961270400

Technical Department

Experience, knowledge and know-how. Our technical department is another essential cornerstone of our work philosophy.  Without it we would not be GA Alimentaria.  It has always been clear to us that we need to be highly technical to meet your needs. That is why we enjoy researching and developing solutions and studying everything you suggest, based on the premise that everything is always possible. We have two R&D laboratories, two of our own workshops equipped with the best technology and a great team of people who do their best to make every challenge that they are presented with into a reality. This team consists of field technicians who are exclusively dedicated to looking for the best solutions and we endeavour to deliver ongoing training to them.

Thanks to them and the rest of the team, achieving maximum quality and the best service is an easy task, as is keeping our commitments to our customers who trust in us.