Our Driving Force

Gracomsa’s extensive knowledge has been acquired over 40 years, and is widely endorsed by the company’s leadership, its industry recognition and its experience in different food sectors. A knowledge that we apply when formulating all our products. Research, development and innovation (R&D+i) are essential and fully ingrained in the GA Alimentaria Group’s philosophy.


We give free reign to ideas which is why we observe and analyse consumer trend behaviour in different sectors. Our great team of people and technology work ceaselessly throughout the year to meet the changing requirements of different markets. This is why the relationship we have with our customers is essential; it is our main tool which allows us to get as close as possible to their requirements and create new products or be able to modify the production of already existing products. The R&D+i team works side by side with the other departments (sales, marketing, production, etc.) to coordinate innovative work in a cross-disciplinary manner, and to implement R&D+i projects in a comprehensive and participatory manner.