This and looking out for the environment through targets and concrete behavioural guidelines in all functions and areas of our activity is an important responsibility. Protecting the environment requires a responsible commitment from all of us, extending it to suppliers and collaborators, and encouraging their active inclusion and teamwork to achieve a better environmental commitment for all.




As a company, Gracomsa is committed to complying with current environmental legislation, which is applicable to it due to its activity and geographical location, as well as the requisites that the organisation subscribes to relating to its environmental aspects.



To implement prevention, control and correction measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact caused by our activity:


  • Searching for the most efficient and rational use possible for natural resources and raw materials required to pursue our service, paying special attention to saving energy and water consumption.

  • Reducing the generation of waste, emissions, noise and waste water.  Promoting recycling by implementing good environmental practices for the departments.


Gracomsa Alimentaria is one of the companies of Nuova Sesac, a group with an international vocation that is very involved in the development of its surroundings and in promoting a society that is fairer economically, socially, and environmentally.


From the company we use palm fruit oil for several of our products, and we are aware of the importance of the traceability of this raw material. That is why since 2014 we are active members of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO –


Our production processes comply with the requisites established by five different food safety and quality certifications, two of which also certify sustainable environmental management.


The RSPO is an association where the parties involved in the palm oil collection, production, processing and distribution chain are represented. This association aims to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil, an oil which is completely traceable from the plantations it was sourced from to the final stage of its production.  In this respect, for sustainability certification it is essential to obtain this ingredient only from sources that do not contribute to deforestation, the extinction of species, high greenhouse gas emissions or the violation of human rights.


Also, together with other members in the sector, we at Gracomsa form part of the Spanish Foundation for Sustainable Palm Oil, a non-profit organisation that brings together companies that are committed to the environment and using sustainable palm oil, which works to increase awareness and improve perceptions of this ingredient through scientific rigour and evidence.